guide to winter roof maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Roof Maintenance

Winter can be tough on everything from the roads to your car to your emotional state. Winter is especially hard, however, on your roof. Your roof is constantly exposed to the cold, freezing rain and snow. Suffice to say it takes a lot of damage throughout the season, but you still need to keep it in shape.

Your roof is tough, but even the toughest don’t make it through winter without scars. Patching them up can be a hassle, but it has to be done to ensure the inside of your house remains the warm bastion that it is. Here is our ultimate guide to winter roof maintenance, so you can keep your roof in shape this season and repair the damage winter causes.

Clean the Snow

This may seem obvious, but if snow piles up high enough on your roof, it could pose a serious risk. Most of the time, your roof will be plenty strong enough to withstand the weight of the snow, but that’s not the biggest problem. When your house is heated even with insulation, the surface of your roof will likely still be above freezing. This will cause some of the snow to melt which could lead to the formation of ice dams and moisture leaking into your roof which can cause serious damage.

Fix the Shingles

Once you’ve cleared the snow, you can get a good look at your shingles. The cold air is particularly hard on them, so you may see cracks or other breaks. The good news is that most shingles are easily fixed, and you can do it all on your own. It’s especially important to make sure that your shingles are all in good shape during the winter since cold air and moisture penetrating your roof can drastically increase your heating costs.

Clean the Gutters

Whether you’re dealing with snow or passing rain, your gutters need to be clean. Hopefully, you’ve gotten the leaves out at least since fall. However, it’s important you make sure there’s no buildup of any kind inside. When your roof melts some of the snow on your roof or if it just rains, the moisture needs a place to go. If it sits on your roof, it could spread into your home and into your walls which will cost a fortune to fix.

Maintain Flashing and Chimney

If you have a fireplace, it’s likely your chimney is getting plenty of use this season. You want it to be a source of warmth not cold, so make sure your chimney and flashing are in order. This kind of roof work can get complicated, so it’s best to hire professionals for the job. We know just the people who can help.

Maintain Your Roof with Roman Roofing

If you need help with any issue you found in our ultimate guide to winter roof maintenance, contact Roman Roofing today. We can make sure your roof makes it through the winter and beyond, so you can be sure your house enjoys all the comforts it can and saves as much energy as possible. Contact us to experience the Roman Roofing advantage for yourself.

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